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The Best Grounding Technique for Kids

When you have a student who has big feelings, it can be difficult to get them to calm down. I posted this reel with a grounding technique I learned that has helped with my anxiety. The response was overwhelming. It has been so fun for me to receive DMs from parents who have used this technique with their children and rave about it.

I thought it would be great for teachers to have posters with these techniques in their classrooms. Our students spend a lot of time looking at the walls in our classroom. i was taught that everything on them should have a purpose.

You can purchase these mindfulness posters in 3 different color schemes on TPT here.

Check out my Pinterest board for more mental health tips (for adults and children.)

(The mindfulness posters) are absolutely adorable! I have placed these strategically around my classroom for my students that struggle with regulation. It’s great that they have easy to understand, aesthetic posters to help guide them back to calm. I loved the variety of the messages as well as the color scheme!


Talk to you soon, friend!

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