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10 Teacher Essentials to Add to Your Amazon Cart

Wondering what to add to your cart this Amazon Prime Day? These are the products I can’t live without as a teacher!

HIMAWARI Teacher Bag

This bag is absolutely perfect! It comes in a variety of cute colors and holds everything I need! I’ve been able to fit 2 laptops, a binder, and papers to grade.

Click here to purchase.*

MacBook Air

I admit it. I live in my laptop. It’s how I create all of my lessons, sell them on TPT, keep in touch with colleagues and parents, blog, etc. This is the best investment I have ever made! I love all of the new features this model has!

Click here to purchase.*

Amazon Basics Flair Pens

Every teacher I know loves writing with flair! These are the perfect dupe for high-quality, smooth writing. These are the perfect tool to grade papers!

Click here to purchase.*

Self-Inking Stamps for Grading

These stamps make grading a breeze! You always want to work smarter and not harder as a teacher. These stamps are the way to go!

Click here to purchase.*

Electric Stapler

Collating and creating packets can be exhausting. Get your hands on all of the electric supplies you can, it will be a game-changer!

Click here to purchase the stapler.*

Electric 3 Hole Punch

One of the easiest ways to avoid staying at school after your contract hours is to use electric supplies. They can handle all of the papers you need to create worksheets and packets for your students and will do things half of the time regular supplies take! Click here to purchase.*

Guillotine Paper Trimmer

This is another time-saving tool! Prepping papers for all of your students can be hassle. If you have to cut, scissors are not the way to go. It’s hard to keep your lines straight and your hand cramps up. This paper trimmer is amazing!

Click here to purchase.*

Teacher Toolbox

This is the perfect way to keep all of your supplies organized! It also makes it harder for little hands to access your expensive school supplies.

Click here to purchase the toolbox.*

Personal Laminator

You laminate hundreds of things as a teacher! This personal laminator is easy to use and is a great deal!

Click here to purchase.*

3-Tier Rolling Cart

Will keep all of your classroom supplies organized! There are countless ways to use this amazing cart! Click here to purchase.*

I hope this list inspired you! Make sure you have the Honey Browser Extension installed so you are getting the best deals! These products would also make great DonorsChoose projects!

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