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Classroom Partnerships Made Easy

It’s challenging to create classroom partnerships. At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to incorporate the Daily 5 into my literacy block. Thursdays became our, “Read with a Partner” day. My teacher heart ached when I saw students feel awkward approaching each other, and even worse, getting left out. I made these food partner cards to make sure that everyone was included in a fun way that didn’t cause any stress.

Classroom Partnerships without the Drama

Teachers around the globe are LOVING these cards! The videos I have posted about them have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram. After you have printed and laminated the cards, you simply pass them out to students and allow them to find their match! Click here to watch the cards in action! There are many ways you can create pairs in your classroom!

Click here to purchase the cards.

Student Partnership Idea List

  1. Pair students who have things in common (but don’t realize it yet.)
  2. Combine students who have mastered concepts with students who are struggling
  3. Create partnerships with students at random
  4. Pair a patient student with a student who struggles with behavior
  5. Pair students who struggle with reading together to practice fluency

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the cards?

They are available for instant download on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here!

What do I do if I have a group of 3?

There are several options to create groups of 3. For example, peanut butter has strawberry and grape jelly. See the description for each product to view the cards that can create a group of 3!

I love the food cards! Do you have other versions?

Yes! I have several themes: food, zoo, farm, technology, and back to school. You can view each set here. I will be adding more cards in the future!

Is there something like this for group work?

Yes there is! I have two sets of group cards at this time. You can view set one and set two. I like to use these for guided reading, class games, and small group activities.

How many cards are in the set?

Check the description of each product to see the amount of cards. The food cards have 52 cards to give to 52 students. (You do not have to use every card.)

Can I translate the cards into another language?

There is an editable version of the cards so that you can translate them into other languages. The terms of use for the editable cards is that you only use the version you created in your classroom. You may not resell the translated version or give them away to other teachers. Please direct them to my store if they would like a copy.


What do you use to print the cards?

I have the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e with instant ink.

*affiliate links – I get a small commission if you purchase these products at no extra cost to you!

What if I can’t print in color?

There is a black and white version of every card!

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Easily one of my favorite TPT purchases ever! My students are absolutely obsessed with these and my team loves them too. They make assigning partners super easy and no one is ever upset about partners because they’re just too excited to see what they get to be! Absolutely the best way to pick pairs.



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