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My Mission as Teacher Author

Hey teacher friend! My name is Aimee, I am a teacher author and educator from Utah who is passionate about inspiring other educators. I want to share ideas that will help your students succeed whether you are a classroom teacher, online tutor, or homeschool mom.

Why I Started Aimee’s Edventures

It started back in college when I decided I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and dreaming about my future classroom. Through Pinterest, I stumbled upon Teachers Pay Teachers. TPT is an online marketplace that allows teachers to share the resources they have created for their students with the world. I downloaded every freebie I could find and put them in a Google Folder.

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When I started my teaching career in 2020, I didn’t have a penny to spend on resources, so each day after I finished teaching, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning teaching myself how to make my own worksheets and projects for my students. I uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers and started a second job as a teacher author. Most importantly, I connected with other teachers online and realized that I could bring my creativity into more classrooms than just mine.

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How I Want to Help You

I make teachers’ lives easier by sharing innovative classroom management strategies, teacher organization ideas, and engaging lesson plans. Teaching is truly a work of heart. I know that as teachers, we put our whole selves into our jobs. It’s incredibly rewarding and exhausting. My hope is to provide resources that keep the joy alive in teaching and set students up for success.

How to Find My Resources

You can find everything I have created to help teachers and students succeed by clicking here! I can’t wait to connect with you!

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